Jobless from last 2 years after graduation- What to do??

Posted by: Debtanu Mukherjee

We find such candidates with this questions in almost all our drives. Specially from Tier2-3 cities. Here is our advice to anyone who are currently in the same situation. 

 Don’t lose hope. Once you lose hope, you are most likely to lose confidence which could further degrade your chances of performing well in the interview and finally you, might be rejected again. 

Think what mistakes you did in your last interviews and start working on them. 

It makes no sense in just waiting for jobs to come to you, rather start working on your industry required skills. Look if some short course in your stream can help you in getting some options. 

You can also make your hobby a profession and whats better than that. 

Don't distance yourself from studies. Make books your friends. Even if they are your course books. 

You can prepare for govt. Exams. Who knows what in store for you in life. 

 There is no dearth of good jobs for anyone. Never stop trying. If needed take expert advice or professional help from people in the same industry.


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