First Job?? Follow these Corporate mantras for a long term and successful career

Posted by: Debtanu Mukherjee

From your first job itself note down and work on these points if you want a successful career. Corporate life is very different from a college. In a college a person is like a free bird, with very limited liabilities and rules to follow. Life is very simple until the person steps out of the college gate permanently. The competition is fierce, territory unknown and performance pressure huge. In a class there are hardly 60-80 students, but in a corporate, there could be 1000s of people like you. So, how do you ensure, your success and identity among the crowd. 

Discipline & Time Management: Remember to respect time otherwise, when Time disrespects you, it calls for trouble. Always be early for work. When you reach your desk or workstation 15 minutes early, it gives you time to plan for the day and organize things in a better way. 

Be Systematic: Manage your work as per the priority. Deadlines can never be taken for granted. Keep your desk clear of work as much as possible. Finish the tasks on time. If you can maintain the daily diary, nothing better than that. You will see that you have all the time in the world and the work is finishing with ease. 

Dressing properly: Your way of dressing tells a lot about you, so never take this lightly. Dress properly as per the code of the company. You will realise, the way you dress affects your psychology and your productivity. 

Take Initiatives: Never run from work. No matter what, you are there to prove yourselves, so, take initiatives and try to more work. Try to help someone from different departments and you will see how much you are going to learn with time. Remember, your knowledge is your worth and no one can take it away from you. 

Stay Away From Gossips & Politics: This is something every new joinee is bound to face and succumb to very easily. You will find a lot of people bad mouthing company or supervisors. Never give ears to such gossips. You will see that with time falling for such gossips will not only waste your time but a lot of energy and productivity. Remember, this happens in all companies and will keep on happening in your entire career. This one point can make or break your career. 

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