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The difference between a human and machine is aim. Machines have no aim or goal but a human has. When people look for happiness and contentment, they forget that it comes from within and it is useless to look for it outside. In a lifespan of a person, maximum time is spent working and this is where the problem lies. Lot of people actually don’t love their work and become like a machine. Think, if you are doing something that is your passion, life becomes so easy and a happy journey. But how to discover what you love is not easy. Lets find out some ways to identify them:


List out the activities you love the most. The activities which give you satisfaction and never let you get bored.


Now find out the activities you are good at. You may love 10 things but are best at doing that one thing out of all. Find out that one thing that you love and are best at. That is your core strength. Now put all your focus on that activity and find out how you can further improve upon.


Making your passion and strengths into profession is like living a dream every day. There could be less money initially or immense competition, but do remember that when you put all your focus and energy into something and love that, you are bound to succeed. And if you can add value to your strength and passion for the society or people, you will be unstoppable.


Remember, that people like Shahrukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and many others,have always followed their passion despite multiple failures, but their love for their passion had taken them to where they are today.


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