Artificial Intelligence & Its Future

Posted by: Debtanu Mukherjee

Artificial Intelligence has become a matter of debate these days with lot of differences in views of tech expert. We get a lot of questions regarding AI during our interaction with students. Lets explore few aspects of AI.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Any device or Technology which acquires a general capability of doing human tasks on its own can be perceived to have Artificial Intelligence. There are different types of AI, where some machines or technologies are required to use reasoning as humans and other AI are just required to do simple human tasks which requires no reasoning.


Companies Doing Research in AI

Google’s Deep Learning and IBM Watson are the most recognisable work in the field of AI. Both the companies have been able to develop technologies that are inspired by human brains and are capable of doing a lot of ‘Smart Work’ in fields of AI.


AI future

From driverless Cars, Voice recognition systems in mobile handsets, playing chess using human rationale, or defence equipments with sensors, we have already started using the technology and it has grown from its nascent stage already. Google search algorithms has already made us dependent on it. The future will be dominated by AI only, as the kind of work going on in that direction, very soon, we will have a lot of technologies which may outsmart humans. AI systems could be devastating in its use in weapons and security. There are lot of renowned personalities who have raised their concern regarding the risks involved with AI, likes of which are Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The challenge will be to develop and reap benefits of AI without being threatened by it, avoiding loopholes.


The bottom-line and the challenges for the developers of AI would be not be make dangerous systems and be able to have the control of such technologies in the hands of humans only.


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