Programming Languages In Demand

Posted by: Debtanu Mukherjee

The Computer Science students who would be completing their studies in coming years must be prepared for the job market. The world is changing fast and it doesn’t take much time for a particular technology to become obsolete. When students start their studies and by the time they complete , the Tech world may not be same as it used to earlier. Students must be aware of new languages and technologies and must adapt to them before coming for job search. Today we will talk about some hot Programming Languages in demand:


SQL- Structured Query Language is becoming a sought after language with Tech giants.  To retrieve and update data from database, SQL statements are used. Its widely used by most of the database systems with their own proprietary extensions for their own respective systems. Currently job descriptions with SQL has shown an increase in demand.


JAVA- It is still one of the most sought after language and is used by majority of fortune 500 companies for their backend development. JAVA 9 platform is also ready to be launched by September this year. The demand for JAVA developers has been on rise steadily.


PYTHON- This is another most sought after language by Tech companies. Used for Web and Desktop application development and Data Mining, the language is considered to increase productivity of a developer.


C++- This language is the ancestor of programming language C. Considered hard to learn than languages like PYTHON or a JAVA Script. This is used for building Games and Applications which could be Web based or Desktop based.


JAVA Script- Used for building front end mainly for client side, this language is steady with the demand from Tech companies. Most of the browsers run this programming language. Known as JS its functionality can be used to control mobile apps or a web page on client side or server side programmes. 

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