Things today's youth can learn from Sh.Narendra Modi

Posted by: Vikas Agarwal

Till few years ago, we youngsters used to idolize Actors for their looks and style, Sportsperson for their flamboyance or Business Tycoons for their wealth. Politicians were never our icons till we got Sh. Narendra Modi as our PM. He is truly an icon for youth for a number of traits he possess. There is a lot to learn from him and few of his strengths are: 

Discipline: Sitting on the highest post of the country, our PM is always on the job. It is a very well known fact that he starts his day early and follows his strict TAT(Turnaround Time). 

In touch with general public: With the use of technology, our PM is always in touch with the general public and understands their small pain and happiness. This helps him in taking both big and small but very effective decisions. 

Speaking skills: His oratory skills are tremendous. He never follows same style. While addressing his counterparts from different countries or the CEOs, he has a different style which executes authority. While speaking in rallies his style is very simple and satirical, which immediately connects the public. 

Health and Fitness: Our PM is the best role model for the youth of today. He never misses his meditation and yoga and works 16 hours a day. He is also believed to take a very healthy and balanced diet. 

 Eye for technology: Our PM understands very well that Technology is the key to the biggest issues that has been hampering our country‚Äôs growth for years. It is very important to look forward and take the people along in introducing and adapting to latest technologies.


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