Why are colleges struggling with Admissions ? Here are few solutions to improve records!!

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When we speak to colleges these days, nearly every college is facing the same problem, i.e getting admissions year on year. NCR has more than 150 colleges and only a handful of colleges have been able to fill all their seats. Most of the colleges have been struggling with admissions from past few years. The admissions in some colleges have fallen by more than 60%. There are some colleges which had to close some courses due to low turnout of students. Admission head of one of the Engineering College in terms of anonymity admits that their college had to close sessions for few branches of B.Tech for this year as there were only 7-8 students enrolled for the same. 

Talking of the management colleges, the situation remains same. PG courses in Management and Computer Applications has taken a hit with most of the colleges. 

While analysing, the current situation we went to few colleges. We spoke to Faculty, TPOs, Admission counsellors, Students and could come out with factors that resulted in difference in admission numbers in Top and other Colleges. 

• The old school approach for admissions by colleges may not yield good admissions anymore. Most of the colleges with low admissions has nil or negligible presence in social media. Today, with the advent of digital media and social network, a good use of these platforms is a must for the colleges to get quality admissions. Websites of lot of colleges has not been updated with current details for a long time. 

• The faculty in most of the colleges have not undergone any training sessions for self improvement for years. Remember, even a Virat Kohli or Sachin Tendulkar need training sessions from time to time. Also, accountability of the faculties must be decided and reviewed regularly. 

• Value adds for the students. Today, a free laptop, lush green campus or a lavish cafeteria may not be the things to attract students. Students need to be given a lot more in terms of value adds like workshops on latest trends in the industry. These could be one or two day workshops, but that has to be regular. Remember, no marketing is better than the word of mouth.

 • Last but not the least, PLACEMENTS, which could be the best marketing for any Institution. When we talk about Placements, it not about calling 100 companies in your campus with less placements but getting only 20-30 good corporate and placing even your weakest student. For years, lot of colleges can be seen to have made no efforts in terms of getting their students placed. No college needs to give 100% placement, coz out of the batch of 100 students 20 might not require placements as they might be looking for Entrepreneurship opportunities or joining family businesses, but remaining 80 students must be placed at any cost. That would be 100% placement in true sense. 

Colleges must understand, that change is the only constant thing and its very important to re-invent and change strategies from time to time.


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