How To Handle Trouble Making Colleagues?

Posted by: Debtanu Mukherjee

When you join a new workplace, you will be a part of team and have new contacts. You will have new colleagues who could be your new friends and you may not find some colleagues who are friendly. There are also cases of sexual harassment at offices. Everyone wants to avoid unfriendly and trouble making colleagues. But what if you find someone like that. 

Identify the behaviour: What hurts you or offends you must be identified. If it’s an insensitive remark or humour which is not in good taste, must be noticed. If some things are repetitive, you must be then ready to confront. 

Analyse and then talk: When the behaviour is inappropriate, you must analyse before reacting publicly. You must first analyse the situation in which the person behaved in such a manner. And if you find that it was intentional, you must talk to the person one on one. 

Confront and Express: The person must be told that what hurt you and also, very importantly should also be ready to listen and understand their part of the story. Most of the cases from here onwards are sorted out. Nothing sorts out things better than a heart to heart conversation. 

No response: If the things sort out then its very good, but again you might not get a response you expected . Remember not to enter into any argument or quarrel at this point of time. The best way is to walk out and see if there are any changes in behaviour. If not, then start noting the specific details of the behavioural events. 

Inform your immediate reporting manager: The specific details must now be provided to your manager. Remember to put the situation in such a manner that it should look like a problem which is bothering you not only personally but also professionally. The manager must be explained how the situation is a deterrent to your productivity and is affecting the business unit as a whole. It should be addressed to the manager to improve bonding among the team members and making the unit a better team. 

Feedback on your own behaviour: While talking to the managers, you must also be ready for suggestions for yourself. Your only intention should be to make your workplace better.

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