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Job seekers with good communication often do blunders in personal interviews by not listening properly. Listening is a part of communication process which is overlooked by best of the candidates and that costs them their selection. Here we will discuss some tips on how to score high in a interview with your listening skills.

In an interview to get into the mind of the interviewers, the interviewee must sit across with a right frame of mind. Positive, relaxed and focused on the people sitting on the other side

Look confident with eye to eye contact with everyone. After properly setting aside important papers, keep your entire focus on the interviewers with eye contact and don not let any thoughts distract you.

Don’t try to assess or judge any one and have pre conceived notion. Be open and attentive. All your focus on the words of the other person.

Keep pauses. Don’t be in any hurry to answer quickly even if you know the answers. Listen to the sentences and be sure with your options and then reply.

Never interrupt the interviewer. This happens when things get settled and some time has been spent in the interview process. Here when lot of interviewee make mistakes and try to take situation under their own control.

Arguments kills prospect. If you don’t agree with something, don’t impose your thoughts and remember that everybody have their way of thinking. It’s better to avoid any unwanted argument and move on to next question or part of the interview. Trying to win argument will definitely become a lost chance of selection.

Whenever unclear, ask. If you need any clarification on questions, do not hesitate to ask. Be doubly sure before answering. Remember that being selected is more important than a wrong answer.

Observe the interviewer and try to understand their body language. Always be observant on the gestures and body language of the interviewer which can give an interviewee a peek into their minds. If an interviewee can sync their feelings or emotions with the interviewer, subconsciously a liking is developed by the interviewers.

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