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Traits Employers are looking for

Posted By: Mr. Rahul

1. Honesty Employers want accurate and timely information regarding their business and their employees. Made a mistake? Don’t cover i

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Corporate mantras for a long term and successful career

Posted By: Debtanu Mukherjee

From your first job itself note down and work on these points if you want a successful career!! Corporate life is very different fro

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Sought After Skills For Future Employment

Posted By: Mr. Rahul

1.Marketing Skills Anyone involved in business has a role to play in marketing. In today’s highly competitive world, marketing sit

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Impact Of Behavioral Skills

Posted By: Mr. Rahul

In the current business system we see people problems more than business problems. If we take care of our people problems most of the business problem

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Presentation is Everything

Posted By: Ankit

It dose not matter how much experience you have or how much qualification you have. The only thing which matter is that how much presentable you are.

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People skills for Jobs

Posted By: Mr. Rahul

Good People skills are essentials for many positions, particularly those that deal with customer service. To give particular employers a strong indica

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Top Companies Selection Process

Posted By: Debtanu Mukherjee

Every top Multinational companies like TCS, Tech-Mahindra,Wipro hire thousands of Freshers from institutions every year. While conducting drives for a

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